“To Martin and Staff at Tribute. Thankyou for everything, and for the caring way you looked after our mum and funeral. Yours sincerely, Mr Josef Dekleva, Stana & Irene, & Family.”
– Josef Dekleva

News about Tribute Funeral Services.

Funeral Zone…  Funeral Service information made easy..

Tribute Funeral Services is proud to announce a new service for our families..
as the First Funeral Director in Australia to offer Funeral Zone.TFS FZ Flyer 2TFS FZ Flyer

An online Obituary, Memorial and Funeral organiser website, specifically dedicated to loved ones for Funeral Services in Australia, and as an ongoing Memorial to their memory in the online environment.

Detailed information with map for the Funeral Service, Light a Candle, Leave a message of sympathy, post a photo in memory of that special person.

funeralzone.com and Tribute Funeral Services, changing the way families can notify friends and family and rememeber their loved one in the digital world.



New Willow and Wicker Coffin Range.

Tribute Funeral Services is proud to add to its Natural Eco-Friendly Funeral Services, Hand Woven Willow and Wicker Coffins.

The Jude and Cradle are made from all Natural Willow and Seagrass. Hand woven willow coffins are a beautiful and environmentally friendly product. Sustainably raised from a renewable resource and then hand woven without glues or metals.

Jude - Wicker Coffin 165x90     Willow plants are grown sustainably being very easy to harvest and requiring no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides. The plants can replenish fertility in degraded and marginal soils and also provide habitat for birds and insects. They also act as windbreaks, stabilise soil and can combat river and coastal erosion. It also provides badly needed seasonal income for families in farming communities.  Willow coffins are among the most environmentally friendly coffins available. We believe that our coffins are the ultimate in environmental recycling as willow is a highly renewable crop harvested each year which involves minimal processing. It can degrade rapidly in the soil and helps to lock carbon emissions into its willow stems.

Willow Caskets are completely natural and biodegradable. They break down in 6 months to 2 years dependingThe-cradle4 165x90 on soil conditions. Willow coffins are woven and therefore do not depend on toxic glues, varnish, plastics, or metals.

Their colours are the natural plant dyes in the pigmentation. This means that colour tone may vary from batch to batch

The addition of these Coffins, add to the already extensive range of Environmentally and Sustainable Friendly Cardboard and Solid Timber Coffins and Caskets.   Contact our Caring and Friendly Staff for information of how we can customise the Funeral Service for your loved one.

A Tribute to Time

wooden clock

A very special ‘Thank You’ goes out to Mr Robert (Mac) McKenzie for taking the time to build this magnificent time piece.
All the moving parts are made from wood, which have all been hand crafted.
It has taken months for the clock to be constructed.
It is one of a kind and can be considered more an artwork, than a time piece.
It was made for the funeral home, as a gift, for servicing families for over a year now.
The clock was made in New Zealand,  from Rosewood, and very carefully sent to Tribute, in pieces to be assembled here at a later time.
The team at Tribute, appreciate the time and effort it has taken to design, craft  and assemble this beautiful timepiece.
Mac made the trip from New Zealand, to put the time piece together and ensure that it was working correctly.
We dare not touch it, because of it is significant to us here at Tribute. Also, if it is moved, the clock will need to be recalibrated.
It now stands proudly in our funeral home foyer.
Once again, a very  big ‘Thank You’ to Mac, for doing us the honour of making the one of a kind clock, specially for Tribute Funeral Services.

First year Celebration.

On Thursday the 13th of February, Tribute Funeral Services, held an evening to celebrate the fact that our doors have been open to serve the broader community for over one year. Members of the Clergy, Civil Celebrants, Suppliers and others who have supported and encouraged us over the previous year.
We took this opportunity to thank all who had helped us in helping those families, who gave us the honour and privilege of caring for their loved ones and allowing us to conduct the services for them.
With the coming years ahead of us, we look forward to further serving the community, strengthening our current relationships and forming new relationships with those we are still to meet.
Celebrating our first year of service

 A write up we had from the Star Newspaper.
A fitting Focus on Ravenhall (Deer Park – Caroline Springs)
Tribute for a loved one….

Star Focus on Ravenhall 500 RotatedIF YOU want to pay tribute to your loved one, you can’t go past Tribute Funeral Services. Tribute  Funeral Services offers a full range of funeral services, including burial, cremation, repatriation,  memorial services, full mortuary care, church and chapel services and graveside services for  families across the greater Melbourne area and regional Victoria. Tribute’s modern funeral home  and 70-seat chapel is a spacious sanctuary to allow family and friends to gather in a relaxed and  peaceful environment to celebrate a life lived. The business also provides pre-plan and pre-paid  options for those who don’t want to leave their families with the stress of organising their  funeral. Tribute, which is overseen by Managing Director Martin Masson, Mortuary care  Manager Robert Cepanec and Fleet Manager Michael Robinson, offers caring and professional services to suit all budgets, beliefs, faiths, cultures and traditions. With more than 25 years’combined experience in all areas of the funeral industry, Tribute Funeral Services has a wealth of knowledge in caring and understanding a family’s needs at such a difficult time. “After many years of working with corporate providers, we felt it was time to provide a more personal service focusing on the family’s needs,” Mr Masson said. “We are all passionate about the funeral industry and take great pride and care in the services we offer families around Melbourne. “We are prepared to go that extra yard to assist our families before, during and especially after the funeral service.“We will ensure a fitting tribute for a loved one that is a reflection of their life, at an affordable price.” The business was named a finalist in the recent 2013 and 2014 Melton Business Excellence Awards. Tribute Funeral Services is located at Unit 1, 29-39 Westwood, Drive, Ravenhall (Deer Park). Call 9449 5236 or go to www.tributefunerals.com.au for more information. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Melton Business Excellence Awards 2013.

BEA & BuyLocal_combined logos_CMYK_FINALIST_610x305pixwideTribute Funeral Services was honoured to be nominated as a Finalist for the 2013 Powercor City of Melton Business Excellence Awards, held at the Witchmount Estate, Rockbank, Friday evening, 3rd May 2013.  We are proud to be recognised in providing excellence in service along with many other City of Melton Businesses and Organisations, and we congratulate those who won on the night.

As part of the Business Excellence Awards, the City of Melton has launched
buylocalsupporting local jobs.  

Tribute Funeral Services is your local Funeral Service Provider for the City of Melton and surrounding communities.
So when you use our services your supporting your local community and businesses.

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