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Planning a funeral is never easy. Tribute Funeral Services, however, seeks to ease the burden for every client. Through our custom services and dedicated care, we hope to provide individuals with compassionate experiences. We also hope to address their chapel needs.

Our funeral directors in Caroline Springs now offer a full list of available chapels and private venues. This list connects clients to a variety of locations throughout Victoria, helping them find reputable and respectful options to consider. It includes:

  • The Tribute Funeral Service Chapel –  This is our 70-seat venue in Ravenhall. It accommodates a variety of services (including formal services, evening prayer services, viewings, committals, and more).
  • Chapel of Repose The Chapel of Repose – located in Altona North – is appropriate for both religious and non-religious functions. It also accommodates burial, cremation, and interment services.
  • Lilydale Chapel Located in Lilydale, this chapel sits within the historic Memorial Park. It allows for lawn burials, natural burials, and vault burials.
  • Boyd, Wilson, Blair, and Renowden Chapels The Boyd, Wilson, Blair, and Renowden Chapels – all found in Springvale – provide custom services within the Botanical Cemetery. These services include lawn graves, feng shui graves, and monumental graves.

Each of these chapels has been thoroughly examined by our funeral directors in Caroline Springs. We urge each client, however, to explore them as well before making a decision. To learn more about all available venues contact our funeral directors in Caroline Springs today.


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