Tribute Funeral Services

Are you looking for a simple and economical way to make sure that your wishes are carried out for your, or someone else’s, funeral? Prepaid funerals in Melbourne can help you achieve this. A prepaid funeral plan fixes the price of the service at today’s rates, irrespective of when the funeral service is conducted in the future.

The money that you pay for is held in a funeral bond which is secure and transferable. These funds are first given to the Funeral Director. The funds will then be lodged into the funeral bond by the Funeral Director on your behalf. Once this is done, the Funeral Director will then present you with a Bond certificate and other documentation, accounting for every cent you have invested.

For clients who can’t afford prepaid funerals in Melbourne, we offer a flexible payment plan to be converted to a prepaid funeral, when sufficient funds have been lodged. We can help you set this up. Then you put your money directly into the bond.

Cost of Prepaid Funerals

We can get you started with prepaid funeral payments equating to as little as $1.38 per day or $42 per month.

This makes funeral bonds a very affordable way of putting money aside for a funeral, without the premiums that insurance companies charge. Better still, the money you invest remains yours. No need to pay for something that will give you a payout less than what you have invested.

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