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What do I do after my loved one passes away?

There is never a good time to arrange a Funeral and the worst is just after the passing of a loved one. Many people may not know what happens when a loved one passes away. Depending on the circumstances of the death, or the place where your loved one is, you may have a day or so to gather your thoughts and find a Funeral Director. Some sources to find a Funeral Director are the Internet to ‘Google’ for one in your area, Telephone Directory, referral, a family friend, or that company just down the road. Some Nursing Homes and Palliative Care Units require the family to have chosen a Funeral Service Provider for their loved one in the event of their death, so they can call the Funeral Director on the families behalf to arrange the transfer of the person to the Funeral Home.

Whatever method you use, your Funeral Director is the person who will assist you with Arranging a Funeral. You need to be able to place your trust in your Funeral Director, that he or she is the person who can lead you through the Funeral process and help you best with arranging a dignified and caring Funeral for your loved one.

When you sit down with the Funeral Director, to organise the Funeral, there is some information which the Funeral Director will need. The reason for this is that it is the Funeral Director’s responsibility to register the death of your loved one, through Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry Victoria, once the services have concluded.

The information you will need

  • Full name of your loved one.
  • Their known address.
  • Date of Birth and where they were born (whether it was within Australia or Overseas).
  • Their occupation during their working life.
  • Were they Married, Widowed, Divorced, Never Married or in a De Facto relationship.
  • Did they have any children (if so, how many children did they have, both living and deceased).
  • If known, the names of your loved one’s Father and Mother and her maiden name.
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