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Viewing loved ones is a very personal choice. It is not obligatory. Some feel uncomfortable with the idea of a viewing. Many families find that viewing their loved one, was a very positive experience.

Viewing loved ones.

Viewing loved ones after death.

A viewing offers family and friends the opportunity to see and spend time with their loved ones after death. Viewing loved ones takes place prior to the funeral. Viewing the deceased is a very personal choice. It is not obligatory. Some people find the viewing a positive experience. It gives them the chance to farewell their loved one in a private setting.

Viewings may also be important for religious or cultural beliefs. Some traditions involve the family taking part in dressing their deceased loved one. This gives the family to place the favourite clothing of the deceased. Sometimes having the deceased dressed in traditional funeral garments is also very important to the family. Tribute can certainly offer and have done these services in the past. Also assisting families during the viewing/dressing process, with many years of knowledge and experience.

The staff that care  for the deceased, are  fully qualified embalmers. Also, they are  members of the Australian Institute of Embalming and the British Institute  of Embalmers (Australasian Division). You can be assured that prior to viewing loved ones, that they have been treated and cared for with the highest standard of care and ethics.

Letters. Photographs. Flowers. Special  Mementos or Significant Objects can be placed in the coffin or casket with your loved one at this time. Viewing loved ones not only can help the bereaved in the grieving process, it also helps to acknowledge and accept the reality and finality of death. It offers the opportunity to  say a final ‘Goodbye’.

The viewing can be arranged to take place just prior to the funeral service. Or if you prefer, within days prior to the funeral service at a time suitable to family and friends.

Viewings are usually held at the funeral  home in the comfort and privacy of the facility, with our caring staff available to offer support.

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