Restrictions for Victoria & Melbourne Metropolitan Areas.

From 11:59pm Tuesday 27 July restrictions across Victoria will eased.

A range of restrictions will ease across Victoria due to the incredible work of the public health teams and every single Victorian who has done their part to keep the community safe from coronavirus.

• No stay at home requirement.
• Removal of 5km travel limit.
• Movement between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria is unrestricted.
• Travel to regional Victorian Alpine Resorts permitted provided visitors and workers have had a negative COVID test within the
previous 72 hours. Children under 12 years not included. Must be able to show evidence of a negative test as condition of entry
into ski field.

Face coverings:
• Must be carried at all times.
• Must be worn indoors and outdoors except if at home or if an exception applies.

Private gatherings in the home: Not permitted. Intimate partner visits/single bubble permitted.

Public gatherings: Permitted for up to 10 people.

Work: If you can work from home, you should work from home.
Office work – 25 per cent return or up to 10 people if total workplace is 40 or less, density quotient of 1 person per 4 sqm applies.

Funerals, including wakes:

Funerals (indoor and outdoor):
Permitted with 50 people (and those necessary to conduct the funeral). Children under 12 months old are not counted towards this cap. COVID Check-in Marshals must ensure attendees check-in.

Wake or Gathering – Permitted in Commercial Venues limited to 1 person per 4 SQ M Rule.

Persons necessary to conduct the funeral (such as a Faith Leader, Celebrant, Funeral Staff, Musicians) excluded from any limit.

Under Victoria State requirements, You must carry a mask and Correct wearing of a mask covering mouth and nose, is required indoor and outdoors.

For any speeches, removal of the mask is suggested.

All venues must use electronic record keeping through the free Victorian Government QR Code Service or Victorian Government Application Programming Interface (API) linked digital system.

Our Funeral Service

This affects our Funeral Home Chapel, all Cemetery Chapels at GMCT and SMCT and Churches across Melbourne Limit is 50 People and Regional Victoria for indoor or outdoor Services, Graveside Services.
Limit is 50 People.

Our Funeral Home Chapel, is available for services subject to the 4 square metre in area / 1.5 metre rule, for Social Distancing, and also limited to 10 People.

We do offer Live Streaming for those family and friends who may not be able to attend the Funeral Service in person.


Travel to Victoria for a Funeral Service.

Face masks

Looking after and Caring for our Clients, Families and Staff.

Tribute Funeral Services is available to assist families following the death of a family member or friend, at this unprecedented time in Australia’s history.

Tribute Funeral Services is following the guidelines and directives of the Federal and Victorian State Government Health Authorities, while being aware of the emotional toll that organizing and coping with a Funeral Service at this time.

We trust that these measures will reduce the likelihood of spreading the COVID-19 virus, and still allow us to provide the best possible Service to our families that Tribute Funeral Services is renowned for within the Victorian Community and Funeral Industry, and the Independent Funeral Director of choice for Melbourne Families.

We have initiated the following processes to protect our families and friends, as well as our staff.

Meetings and Appointments

We are available to meet with family members to discuss and arrange Funeral Services, in our office, and request a limit of two (2) family members, in line with Australian Government recommendations, we will endeavor to maintain the 1.5 meter social separation spacing during the meeting, or we can arrange a phone call, if our families deem it necessary to limit face to face meetings.

Cleaning and Hygiene

We have provided staff with the necessary hygiene equipment to ensure we are doing our best to safeguard against the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Our Chapel, Reception, Meeting rooms and associated amenities at Ravenhall (Deer Park/Caroline Springs area) will be cleaned between each service and meeting or other associated event.

Funeral Service Attendance and Participation

Traditionally Funeral Services see between 30 and 70 Family and Friends attend to pay their respects and to say their goodbyes, however in these extraordinary times, we are advising our families that we need to limit those attending a Funeral Services to Immediate Family Only, not only for the safety of our families, but also our Staff, Celebrants and Clergy.

Due to the new social distancing requirements dictated by the Federal and State Governments for gathering of the general public for events while indoors or outdoors

For Services held in our Tribute Funeral Services Chapel, we are now offering Video Streaming for those who cannot attend the service in person, due to the Social Spacing Laws, travel restrictions, or personal safety, and the service can be viewed on a PC, Tablet/iPad or Smartphone.

What you need to know

Cemetery Trusts and Tracing Requirements

Cemetery Trust seating at the graveside will continue to NOT be supplied due the social distancing requirements and the type of adjoining seating usually provided.

As a part of easing restrictions, a requirement when holding funerals to aid any future contact tracing is that a record of the contact details of all persons attending a funeral/memorial gathering are to be recorded.

The advice from DHHS in regards to the taking and keeping of attendee contact details are as follows:

Restrictions – weddings and funerals

(a) must not host a wedding or funeral, unless that wedding or funeral complies with the requirements and

(b) must request that each person who attends the wedding or funeral provide:

(i)            their first name; and
(ii)           a contact phone number; and,

if provided by the person, must keep a record of those details, and the date and time at which the person attended the facility.

How long will the record be kept?

The data will be keep for 28 days. This is two full incubation periods and makes it likely that records will be available should an investigation look back into who was potentially exposed, but would not be unduly onerous / invade privacy by keeping records for any longer than absolutely necessary to meet the purpose of the requirement.

It is the responsibility of the Funeral Director to gather, record and store this information.

Limits for GMCT & SMCT Chapels and Function facilities.
(Outside Lockdown Restrictions which override these limits)
Chapel attendance numbers are subject to change at any time.

Venue                4 SqM          2Sq M
Fawkner Memorial Park
Cordell Chapel –  37  people  – 74 people
Joyce Chapel – 37  people  – 74 people
Crick Chapel – 37  people  – 74 people
Catering – Fawkner Tea rooms – 21 People  –  41 People

Northern Memorial Park
Catering – Eden room – 27 People – 54 people
Catering – Tanderra room – 40 People – 80 people
Catering – Eden & Tanderra Combined – 67 People  –  134 people

Lilydale Memorial Park
Federation Chapel – 50 People  –  107 people
Catering – Candlebark Function room – 50 People  –  108 people

Altona Memorial Park
Chapel of Repose – 36 People  –  72 people
Chapel of Peace – 36 People  –  72 people
Catering – Commemoration Centre – 36 People  –  72 people

Preston Cemetery
Chapel (Functions Only) – 23 People  –  45 people

Boyd – 50 people  –  102 people
Atrium –  30  people  –  61 people
Renowden – 43 people   –  87 people
Wilson – 25 people  –  51 people
Blair –  26 people  –  59 people
Witness Cremation Room at Springvale – 3 people  –  6 people
Function Room – (Rooms can be Combined)
Cedar, Birch, Oak, Redwood 30 People
Botanical 37 People, Eucalypt 28 People, Bamboo 34 People.
Elm Marquee & Jarrah Marquee 50  –  people  150 people each.
CCW Retreat 32 people  –  66 people

Stratus – 50  people  –  166 People
Cumulus – 41 people  –  82 people
Cirrus – 42 People –  85 people
Cumulus & Stratus combined 50 People –  309 people
The Sanctuary – 34 people  –  69 people
Witness Cremation Room at Bunurong – 3 people
Function Room 35 People
(Rooms can be Combined)
Olley Marquee 50 people   –   150 people

Independent Funeral Directors

Video Streaming Service now available for all services held at Tribute Funeral Services Chapel and off-site at any other venue across Melbourne

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